Thursday, January 1, 2009

Intraday call performance 31/12/08

Market closing weak again !

It was a range bound market directed by Reliance Industries again which broke out in the last hour of trade making nifty closing weak at 2959-20 points below yesterday's close.Morning session was very boring with market trading in narrow range and reliance reluctant to go up and then in the late afternoon session, Reliance Industries showed clear signs of breaking and then broke down along with nifty.Top Nifty gainers included Bata, Redington while losers were Reliance, Matrix Labs etc.

Following calls were given in yahoo messenger for clients:

Buy Nifty Futures around 2970 with stop loss 2950 for target 3000-3015 and it made 3012....Super Profit

Buy SBI around 1275 with stop loss 1268 for target 1300 and it made 1296....Good Profit

Buy Reliance around 1250 with stop loss 1243 for target 1275 and then told to cover at 1265....Good Profit

Short HDIL around 138 with stop loss 139 for target 134-131-126 and it made 128....Super Profit

Short Reliance around 1270 with stop loss 1284 for target 1240-1215 and it made 1216....Super Profit


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